GUMPASTING Tools Techniques and Tricks (A Complete Guide to Gumpaste)

{GUMPASTING Tools Techniques and Tricks (A Complete Guide to Gumpaste)}

I would like to announce a brand new series of articles that I will be featuring on my website. I will start by introducing you to gumpasting tools, equipment and materials and then show the techniques on how to use these various items. Also, I will be including tricks I have come up with and/or discovered. So far, I have posted two articles in this series of “GUMPASTING Tools Techniques and Tricks”. I’m pleased to report that there will be many more articles to come. My hope is that this in-depth look at gumpasting (aka sugarcrafting) will be both educational and inspiring to you!

So, let’s start gumpasting!

P.S. I added my logo (see below) for the first picture of each of these articles to signify it is part of this special series.

{GUMPASTING Tools Techniques and Tricks-Logo}