Gumpaste/Fondant Flamingo and Hibiscus Cake

{A Gumpaste/Fondant Flamingo Cake Topper with Hibiscus}

Have you ever been “Flamingoed”? We were for the first time on December 24, 2009. After visiting our relatives for a Christmas Eve party my husband & I were getting into our car to go home when we found a piece of paper with a picture of a flamingo on it posted on our windshield that read: “You’ve been Flamingoed”. We had absolutely no idea what this cryptic message meant until we arrived home. WOW!  As it turned out, our son, daughter and son-in-law had placed pink flamingoes everywhere around our house… inside and out!!!! I confess as we first pulled into our driveway we were so surprised we temporarily thought we were at the wrong house.

Here is a picture of Emily on December 25, 2009 with one of the many flamingoes.

{Emily with a flamingo}

{A Gumpaste/Fondant Flamingo Cake Topper}

We now know what this saying means and there have been several other incidences by them since then. So, of course my husband and I have tried our best to keep this new tradition going by returning the favor. The latest retaliation from us had occurred when we “Flamingoed” their home after the birth of our granddaughter, Violet, on the day they brought her home from the hospital. Nearly nine months later, with my daughter Emily’s birthday fast approaching, I thought it would be quite fitting to “Flamingo” her again by creating a pink flamingo topper for her BD cake! 

{Emily with a flamingo cake}

I hate to have to admit this, but I made a mistake when I made the buttercream frosted cake. I didn’t properly account size-wise for the three hibiscus flowers which would allow them to fit onto the cake stand nicely. At this point I wasn’t about to try moving the cake from its current pedestal onto a larger one because my fear of messing up the frosting was pretty overpowering (sigh)! Not being one to give up easily I had to come up with a plan B for showcasing the trio of hibiscus on another day. So, the photos with hibiscus flowers are with a foam dummy cake covered with fondant. Although my “real” cake wasn’t adorned with the festive tropical flowers, it did taste quite “yummy” ;D!!! 

{A Cake with a Gumpaste/Fondant Flamingo Cake Topper}

P.S. Coming soon-ish I will post a 3-part tutorial on how I made this gumpaste/fondant bird, so that you too can “Flamingo” someone special!

P.P.S. As the icing on the cake so to speak, we all wore T-shirts adorned with pink flamingos as a tribute to the tradition.

{A trio of gumpaste Hibiscus Flowers}

{A Cake with a Gumpaste/Fondant Flamingo Cake Topper}

{A Cake with a Gumpaste/Fondant Flamingo Cake Topper}