Has Had a Facelift

{ Has Had a Facelift}.

I’m proud to announce that there have been a few new changes made to the site. If you are a regular visitor you might notice I redid my artwork. One of my favorite upgrades is that has become easier to find my various posts using the new navigation bar. Not to mention, it is now designed to be more compatible with mobile devices. There is also a new tab section, “Source/Link”, for assisting you in finding helpful gumpasting/sugarcrafting sites. And if you would like to visit my Facebook Fan Page there is now a direct link to it. I hope you will enjoy these new upgrades and additions.

Special Kudos!!!

This site exists solely because of my fabulous son-in-law, Chris. Without him it would just be a figment of my gumpasting imagination. So, I would like to publicly thank him again for making these changes as well as for all his generous support. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that he is super smart, a really nice guy, a great husband to my sweet daughter and the loving father of my precious granddaughter. I love him so much! I know you totally would too if you were to meet him.