Replacing CelCakes Shedder’s Razor Blade

.{How to Replace CelCakes Shedder’s Razor Blade}

Five years ago I bought my CelCake floral tape shredder and I cannot tell you how much I adore this wonderful gumpasting tool!!! However, I recently noticed it was starting to miss cutting some portions of the tape. My first reaction was I must not be inserting the tape into the slot properly, but that was not the case. Then I started to wonder if the blades could have become dull with all the use. Of course, that would mean I’d need to replace the blades. The problem is I have no instructions for this procedure. I then remembered that right after I purchased it I had contacted the manufacturer, CelCakes and CelCrafts, about replacing the blades. Here is their response:

The shredder contains razor blades and the edges of these should not deteriorate in quality (sharpness) for a long time. If they become gummed up from the sticky florists tape, the nut and bolt can be removed and they can be cleaned. 

I would suggest that this procedure is taken with extreme care due to the sharp objects enclosed inside the shredder and should not be done without your safety in mind at all times. Do take care to make a note of the order in which the pieces are removed during cleaning, so that the shredder can be put back together in the correct order.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what constituted a “long time”, but in my book five years would certainly qualify especially if you’re using it regularly. So, I felt it was time to replace the blades rather than attempting to clean them. At least for me if I was going to make the effort to take it apart it just made sense to at the same time swap out any gummed up blades with new ones. 
{Items Needed to Replace CelCakes Shedder’s Razor Blade}

What You Will Need:

6-Double-sided stainless steel razor blades (I looked on the Internet for the sharpest razor blades since I wanted them to last as long as possible. The only problem I had was finding ones sold in a small quantity. I ended up purchasing Feather razor blades as they were the best choice.)

#10 Bolt/head wrench (or one with a 10mm opening)

Pallet knife

Permanent marker

Before I explain how to do it I have two disclosures to make. The first is I really should have asked my husband to help me, as this is slightly complicated and I was a little (okay a lot) apprehensive about undertaking this mission as I’m not very mechanically inclined. The second revelation is they were not kidding about noting the order. I did mark the correct order of the discs, but I did not realize that I should also be marking where the razor blades were placed on these discs. So, once I had the six blades and discs unassembled in front of me I was totally panicked! I felt like I was trying to do one of those awful jig saw puzzles that have all the same colored pieces. I sat there looking at my major mess-up, but I told myself I could do this. I eventually did figure out how to put it back together, but not without a ton of anxiety. It really was a close shave (wink, wink). That is why I made the chart shown below for the correct placement because I would never want you to have to go through what I went through.

**WARNING** The razor blades are extremely sharp, so use the utmost caution when removing & replacing them.

Here is How To Do It

Undo the bottom plastic bolt with the wrench and then remove the plastic screw with the wrench. Lift the top portion of the clear casing off. Number the order of each disc with the permanent marker as you remove it. Also be sure to mark the placement of where the blade(s) is located on the disc’s slots (I used an “X”). Use a very thin pallet knife to separate the discs and remove the razor blades. When reaching the last disc (#6) which is attached to the base of the casing start carefully adding the new blades onto the spots marked with an “X” and then place the discs back in reverse order. Once all six discs are reassembled return the top clear case and rethread the screw and bolt back together. Don’t over tighten and make sure to leave just enough leeway so the shredder will still rotate and the floral tape fits into the slots snuggly.

Despite my harrowing adventure I’m so happy because now my shredder cuts the floral tape like a hot knife through butter just like it did when it was new and just out of the box :D! Will I replace the blades again in five years? Most definitely yes, but you may have guessed that it will probably be my husband who will do it next time around!

{CelCakes Shedder Razor Blade & Disc Placement Order}


{How to Replace CelCakes Shedder’s Razor Blade}